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Ability Employment is a Registered Benchmark in Disability Services

Who are we?

Ability Tasmania Group Inc. is an incorporated association and registered charity. The organization has responsibility for three services, developed since it began in response to the needs of people with disabilities.

  • Ability Employment
  • Ability Skills Development
  • Ability Pathways to Independence

Ability Employment

In 1994 Ability Employment began as an employment service for people with intellectual disabilities.

Starting with 5 clients and a staff of 1, it has now grown to cover all disability groups with a client base of 338 and a staffing level of 77. Ability Employment now has three offices across the top of Tasmania, providing ongoing support for our clients

Ability Employment takes pride in assisting people with high and challenging support needs.

Ability Employment was Tasmania's first Five Star Service, a rating given by the Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations.

Ability Employment has a focus on people with an Intellectual Disability, being one of 5 services in Australia that specialise in this group.


Ability have continually achieved world standard performance, getting just under 60% of its clients with an Intellectual Disability into work but more importantly getting 45% of people assisted to 26 weeks of work. This compares with the national average of 30% of people assisted getting to 26 weeks of work!

Ability Skills Development

Who can we help?

Our program supports people who no longer attend school develop a life that maximizes their integration into their local community.

We aim to build an individual’s potential and independence through:
  • Hands on activities within the community
  • Social Skill development
  • Transport training when required
  • Develop links to other resources within the community such as employment services
  • Continually matching the activities with the individuals growing capacities
What areas do we service?

Ability Skills Development currently operates in the North and South of Tasmania and Melbourne areas.

Ability Pathways to Independence

Ability Pathways to Independence provides assistance to individuals who wish contribute to their local community. We see work as the central activity people should engage in post school. It is our belief that anyone with the right amount of training and supports can participate in meaningful activities within their own community, including paid work.

Our focus is on the Southern and Eastern metropolitan areas of Melbourne and in assisting people with an Intellectual Disability or people who are have been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum.