An Opportunity to grow your business

When you offer a work experience or employ people with disability, you benefit from having people who have the skills and aptitude to do their job effectively and efficiently. Low absenteeism and staff turnover, low incidence of workplace injury and loyalty create productive and cost effective businesses.

The principles of employment or work experience are the same for people with disability as those without disability. The main focus should be on whether the individual has the skills and aptitude to do the job. At Ability Employment we work with you to find the right person for your business.

Some Interesting Statistics

  • Over 90% of employers who had recently employed a person with disability said they would be happy to continue to employ people with disability;
  • 78% of employers described the match between their employee with disability and the job as good;
  • In relation to the cost benefit of workplace accommodations for employees with disability, 65% of employers rated the financial effect to be cost neutral and 20% identified an overall financial benefit
  • 90% of employees with disability record productivity rates equal or greater than other workers;
  • 98% have average or superior safety records;
  • 86% have average or superior attendance records.

Making Contact

Our client base consists of a range of skills, experience and potential that will benefit your organisation.

To find out more about the opportunities and benefits of employing or offering a work experience to someone with a disability call us to arrange an appointment to find out how we can assist you with your staffing needs.

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Some Key benefits

  • Free-up skilled staff to concentrate on core tasks
  • Provision of staff to work in specified/specialised roles
  • Ongoing training for your employee or work experience placement
In addition other benefits include:
  • Giving someone local a go
  • Recognition as an equal opportunity employer
  • Employing or offering a work experience to someone who wants to work

Did you know?

One in five of your customers is likely to be a person with disability. Knowledge of this growing market segment can assist your business to meet your customers’ needs effectively and grow your business.