How does the program work?

Ability Skills Development provides assistance to individuals who wish to transition to "Open Employment" develop their work related skills.

It is our belief that anyone with the right amount of training and supports can work in a community based setting.

Ability Skills Development uses the “hands on” training model to deliver training to clients through intensive work based training with in the community.

We provide a positive experience for students in a variety of work experience placements will assist that student to make important, informed decisions about their future.

Having appropriate, experienced support is essential in reaching the optimum outcome.

Transition programs

Ability Skills Development can assist young people who have left school or who are in their final years to prepare to make the transition into post school employment.

    We aim to maximize an individual’s potential and independence through:
  • Practical experience to assist the individual
  • Identify vocational choices and build skills, through a variety of supported work experience placements
  • Social Skills (with a particular focus on appropriate behaviour in the work place) Resume Development.
  • Transport training when required.
  • Investigate work place modifications and implement these if required to increase independence in the work place

Skills Assessment & Training

The assessment of a client’s skills and interests commences at Intake and continues throughout the course of the client’s registration.

    We can help you:
  • gain further education and training including literacy and numeracy & vocational training
  • provide vocational counselling
We will help you find work by:
  • helping you prepare a resume
  • job searching with you
  • provide training for interviews
We will help you keep your job by:
  • training you to learn the job
  • fimiliarisation of work site
  • providing your employer with assistance as required

Ability Employment is with you for every step of the way, from exploring options for employment, sourcing possible positions and maintaining secured position.

What areas do we service?

Ability Skills Development currently operate in Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and Hobart and has active programs in a number of schools across the State.

Most of our work is done on the West Coast, the North West Coast and the North of the state, and we have a representative in Hobart.

We have four offices and some 1300 numbers so it wont cost you anything to ring us - Click here to contact us!

If getting into one of these offices is not possible we will meet you at a time and place that suits you. All you have to do is contact the office nearest you and let us know what you'd like to arrange.